Br J Vener Dis 55:316-319 doi:10.1136/sti.55.5.316
  • Research Article

Use of CB hamsters in the study of Treponema pertenue.


The CB/Ss LAK strain of inbred hamster was used as a model for studies of infection with Treponema pertenue and of acquired resistance to it. When infected, this strain developed cutaneous lesions which lasted for six to seven months, even in the presence of peak titres of antitreponemal antibody. The rate of appearance and resolution of these lesions varied with the size of the inoculum. The infected hamsters' inguinal lymph nodes increased significantly in weight and teemed with treponemes for several weeks. Animals infected for eight or 10 weeks obtained quick resolution of their lesions by treatment with penicillin and were thereafter resistant to reinfection.