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Epidemiology poster session 6: Preventive intervention: Screening: testing
P1-S6.40 VCT sites in MSM from Mexico City: an opportunity to action
  1. C Magis-Rodríguez1,
  2. A González-Rodríguez1,
  3. E Bravo-García,
  4. L Juárez-Figuroa1,
  5. E Rodríguez-Nolasco1,
  6. C De Azcárraga Urteaga1
  1. 1Programme on HIV/AIDS in Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico


Background Mexico has a concentrated HIV epidemic (15% HIV prevalence among Male Sex Workers; 11% in MSM; 5% in IDU; and 2% in FSW). Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for HIV is a strategy for case detection and deliver prevention messages. This study analyses the HIV prevalence in MSM in two different settings, in order to identify potential opportunities for HIV prevention.

Methods We realised a comparative study between the men that received VCT inside the clinic, and the men reached with VCT in a mobile unit. Both services were offered by the Clinica Condesa in Mexico City (January, 2010). We described and analysed the population demographics, HIV prevalence, condom use, and sexual practices. All data were considered to identify the MSM and the factors associated with their HIV prevalence.

Results 956 men were HIV tested in January 2010 (401 in VCT site, and 555 in mobile unit). The percentage of MSM was 57.9 vs 47.9%, respectively; however, the HIV prevalence in MSM from the VCT site (27.6%), was seven times great than HIV prevalence in MSM from mobile unit (3.8%).

Conclusions Results suggest that the MSM attending the VCT site are different than the one attending the mobile unit. MSM tested in VCT site have the self-selection bias. However, due to higher HIV prevalence, the VCT site is an excellent place to develop intensive prevention programs in MSM.

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