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Social and behavioural aspects of prevention poster session 7: Persons living with HIV/AIDS
P2-S7.01 Condom use and the disposition to it among HIV positive women accessing care at an antiretroviral clinic in Ibadan, Nigeria
  1. A O Adefolarin1,
  2. O S Arulogun2,
  3. I F Adewole1
  1. 1AIDS Prevention Initiative In Nigeria Plus, Ibadan, Nigeria
  2. 2Faculty of Public Health, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


Background Condon use remains one of the ways to prevent sexual transmission of HIV. However, its use among women living with HIV has not been well documented in Nigeria. This study therefore documented the use of condom among women living with HIV attending an ARV clinic in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Method This descriptive study was carried out among 396 consenting HIV positive women selected using a systematic random sampling technique in President Emergency Program For AIDS Relief clinic Ibadan. Data was collected using validated interviewer administered questionnaire and analysed using descriptive and χ2statistics.

Result The mean age of the participants was 34.8±9.0 years, 62.6% were currently married. 96 (24.2%) 13.2% were never married and 66.2% had disclosed their status to their partners. Three hundred and fourteen (79.3%) of the respondents reportedly were sexually active, of these 134 (42.7%) reportedly use condom in all sexual intercourse with their partners while 28.0% never used at all. A significant relationship was found between condom use and serostatus disclosure (p<0.05). Reported experiences among the 226 (72.0%) who use condom included endurance 115 (50.9%), enjoyment (39.8%), complaint 12 (5.3%), fed up (2.2%) and annoyance (1.8%).

Conclusion Condom use is prevalent among the study group and not many derived enjoyment from it, therefore health promotion strategies such as individual psychotherapy, health education on proper use of condom and provision of free varieties of condoms should be put in place to encourage its use.

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