Sex Transm Infect 88:565 doi:10.1136/sextrans-2012-050899
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Highlights from this issue

Like all journals, STI increasingly functions ‘in the cloud’, with our podcasts, tweets and blogs forming an ever richer addition to the traditional online journal. We hope that you have explored our various online offerings, and always welcome new contributors. So it is good to see our first randomised controlled trial in cyberspace this month, presented by Kang et al1. The ‘white hot technological revolution’ of the new millennium, the internet has been prophesied to solve all problems, with telecare, electronic health records and social marketing gone wild. So what does a real RCT look like? Kang et al set up a website from which intervention subjects were invited using ‘personalised’ communications to have a chlamydia test, while control subjects received similar but ‘non-personalise’ invites. The target sample size was not achieved, and those who engaged with …