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STIs in special groups
P101 Olympic outreach: STI testing for construction workers
  1. S Shanmugaratnam,
  2. P Horne,
  3. K M Coyne
  1. Homerton University Hospital, London, UK


Background It was feared that construction of venues for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games would increase the burden of sexual ill-health in East London, due to a surge in migrant construction workers and commercial sex work.

Aims/Objectives We analysed data from outreach to construction sites at the Olympic Park and Village in Stratford, East London. We reported demographics, sexual risk factors and STI rates.

Methods An outreach team visited the Olympic site between February 2009 and October 2011. Clients completed a triage form about symptoms and sexual risk factors. Clients were offered nucleic acid amplification tests for Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia, using urine samples from men, and self-taken vulvovaginal swabs from women. Serology was offered for HIV and Syphilis. Hepatitis B serology was offered to those who reported intravenous drug use or sex with commercial sex workers. Anyone diagnosed with an STI was offered treatment at Occupational Health services on site or a local sexual health clinic.

Results In total 614 clients were seen, with a median age of 28 years. 91% were men. There were 19 different ethnic groups. Nearly half (285/614, 46%) reported their ethnic group as English/Scottish/Welsh. The other large ethnic groups were 53 Indian (9%), 52 Eastern European (8%) and 39 Irish (6%). 20 clients (3%) had Chlamydia and one was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. Reported levels of sexual risk factors are shown in abstract P101 table 1.

Abstract P101 Table 1

Sexual risk factors of in the olympic site construction workers

Conclusions There was a low prevalence of STIs in these construction workers, contradicting prior fears of a high disease burden. Reported levels of sexual risk factors, including use of commercial sex workers, were low.

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