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P170 A clinical case study of the use of motivational interviewing (MI) to address a HIV+ gay man's sexual risk taking and recreational drug use
  1. S Y Yap
  1. Central and North West London Foundation Trust, London, UK


Background There is an increased prevalence of many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among HIV+ gay men. In addition, the increase of the use of recreational drugs within this population is associated with increased sexual risk taking. There is a need for specific services to address sexual risk taking within this population. A clinic was set up to deliver an MI based intervention to gay men who engage in “high risk” sexual activity, including unprotected anal intercourse. This is a case study of one of the patients referred to this clinic.

Aims The patient is a 47-year-old gay man with a long standing diagnosis of HIV; he has had a number of other STI's in the past. He was engaging in a high frequency of unprotected anal intercourse (both single partner and group sex) with partners he met on the internet. He reported always using recreational drugs during sex sessions. The aim of the intervention was to reduce the frequency of the patient's unprotected sex, thereby reducing patient's risk of acquiring and/or transmitting STIs.

Methods Intervention consisted of five individual sessions of MI with a Clinical Psychologist over a period of 3 months.

Results After five sessions, the patient reported discontinuation of all recreational drugs, a reduction in the volume of sexual encounters, an improvement in mood and increased satisfaction with his sex life.

Discussion This clinical case study provides preliminary data to support the value and the appropriateness of MI for sexual risk reduction coupled with recreational drug use. Despite the level of complexity of the patient's presenting problems, MI proved to be an effective intervention. Further research is needed to investigate the efficacy of MI for sexual risk reduction with this population.

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