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B3 Social and welfare in clinic support service
  1. J Hale
  1. First Point Access and Assessment Worker


Background Patients social and welfare care needs can be poorly served. Two factors contributed to this, lack of a specialised staff member for social and welfare needs and the few external organisation that are known, frequently changed their criteria or closed down.

Aim Provide stable background for patient's thus decreasing non-adherence, enabling more free appointment time for increasing number of new diagnosis.

Method Employ an experienced worker, to complete the multidisciplinary holistic care for people living with HIV, ensuring joined-up care between medical and social well-being with an excellent two way communication. We have one set of notes for all these needs and one focal point for external services to feedback to. Patients receive full assessment in addition to their presenting issue.

During an assessment, advice and referrals are offered on:

  • Social/Peer Support Groups

  • Benefits/Housing: assess patient's entitlement, avoiding unnecessary supporting medical letters. Alleviates patients approaching different legal orgs with same request. This system ensures who do require the help receive it.

  • Immigration

  • Employment skills and voluntary work

  • Travelling abroad with HIV

  • Insurance

  • HIV at work

  • Complimentary therapies

  • Recreational drug misuse

  • Domestic violence

  • Sex workers

  • Charity goods

Results and Conclusions 350 patients seen, 1 h each per year. Service currently just 2 days per week Full time role is envisaged. Database used to produce outcomes including needs, referrals made and gaps in services. Clinic staff freed to spend time on medical issues.

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