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P2.171 Virtual Elimination of Paediatric HIV
  1. C M Ngelese
  1. The AIDS support organization Uganda, Kampala, Uganda


Background HIV disease continues to advance in way that it infects nine people every other minute. It is also estimated that it will claim 3.1 million this year, and 570,000 are children (UN aid, and WHO report 2011).If no effort done, at least 67children will be exposed to HIV every day. As a measure of prevention TASO adopted the strategy of early infant diagnosis.

Description The introduction of a PMTCT clinic day with trained staffs, to offer a specialised care to pregnant women, post natal mothers and exposed infants. 299 exposed infants were done DNA-PCR at 6weeks of age. This was done between November 2010 to May 2012. Mothers were counselled on infant feeding options, those on ART continued, both pregnant women and infants received ARV prophylaxis, follow up visit were done. This was all done in the PMTCT clinic. Both A and B options of PMTCT were used.

Results Out of the 299 infants who were done DNA-PCR, 283(93%) were DNA-PCR negative, 18 (6%) were DNA-PCR positive. Those infected were started on HAART. Lesson learned Easy monitoring, virtual elimination is possible, minimal lost to follow up, easy follow up, collective effort is needed, and many exposed infants are saved from the infection.

Conclusion The way to go is set a PMTCT clinic day, and do early infant diagnosis.

  • elimination
  • paediatric HIV
  • virtual

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