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P3.216 HIV and Viral Hepatitis (B,D,C) Co-Infection, Genotyping, Epidemiological Profile in West of Tehran
  1. S Sali1,
  2. M Nikbin1,
  3. D Yadegarinia1,
  4. M Hesseinifar2,
  5. M Shahmuradi2
  1. 1Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Research Center, Faculty of Medicine Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  2. 2West Health Center, Tehran, Iran


Background/Aims In HIV infected patients, HBV, HDV and HCV co-infections have important implications for their clinical course and therapeutic management. There is intermediate prevalence of HBV and low prevalence of HIV and HCV in Iran. However, there is little information regarding the number of co-infections of viral hepatitis. The aim of present is study is to establish prevalence of HBV, HDV and HCV co-infection among HIV positive Iranian patients.

Materials and Methods The design of study was cross-sectional during 2010 to 2012. Patients having HIV with co-infection of HBV, HDV or HCV visiting Tehran West Health Centre were enrolled. Serological HBV (HBS Ag, HBC Ab), HDV Ab and HCV Ab were determined in a sub-group of 200 HIV positive patients. HCV RNA PCR(Viral load and genotyping) was determined for all HCV Ab positive patients. Also, HDV Ab was determined for all HBS or HBC Ab positive patients.

Results A total of 200 patients (151 male and 49 female) with a mean age of 33(2 to 66 years) were evaluated. The prevalence of HBS Ag and HBC Ab was 12% (21/177) and 24% (43/177), respectively. HCV Ab was detected in 71% (123/173) out of which 90% (110/123) were PCR positive with 1b Genotype being the most prominent case. For 43 HBS Ag+ patients, HDV Ab was carried out, 5 of whom were positive and 3 were triple HCV, HBV and HDV co-infection.

Conclusions A high rate of HIV/HBV, HCV co-infection observed in the present study, indicates the need for routine screening of HIV infected patients for viral hepatitis B and C. Such screening could lead into the required treatment for these patients.

  • Epidemiological profiles
  • HIV
  • Viral hepatitis(B,C,D)

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