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P3.354 Vertical Transmission of Syphilis: Current Reality in the City of Bauru
  1. I M Lira Pelegrina
  1. Centro de Referência em Moléstias Infecciosas, Bauru, Brazil


Introduction Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum transmitted vertically during pregnancy, resulting in congenital syphilis.

Methodology This study results from a qualitative study from the research of statistical Information System for Notifiable Diseases - SINAN, through the Division of Surveillance, the Municipal Health Secretariat of Bauru, referring to pregnant women with syphilis diagnosed during the prenatal period March 2009 to December 2011, residents in the city of Bauru, and the growing number of cases reported annually.

Results In 2009, 15 cases were reported of syphilis in pregnant women, and 3 (20%) resulting in congenital syphilis. In 2010, there were 24 reported pregnancy resulting in 9 cases of congenital syphilis reported (37.5%). In 2011, there were 33 reported cases of syphilis in pregnant women, and 17 cases of congenital syphilis (51.5%). In 2011, of the 33 cases of syphilis in pregnant women, 14 of them were reported by Santa Izabel Hospital at delivery, fetal death being 1 and 5 miscarriages.

Conclusion The results show an increasing number in the last 3 years, confirming the reality for the city of Bauru, which equates to the epidemiological profile of the State of São Paulo. The notification by the epidemiological surveillance all syphilis cases ensures epidemiological measures of disease control. The increasing cases pointed to the need to evaluate in detail the data to have knowledge of the scale of the problem, whether the late onset of the inadequate treatment of syphilis or even underreporting to develop control measures and planning of health policies public aimed at elimination of the disease.

  • congenital syphilis
  • prenatal
  • Syphilis

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