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P4.067 Photovoice
  1. S Lex
  1. Aids Hilfe Wien, Vienna, Austria


Background In Austria, Sub-Saharan African migrants are disproportionately affected by HIV. Since HIV is also a social issue and its transmission is often conditioned by vulnerability, we wanted to look on the following questions from a broader point of view:

  • Which factors hinder my integration in Austria?

  • Which factors support my integration in Austria?

These questions seemed relevant in order to get to know a target group’s life situation and to be able to adapt preventive measures to it.

Method The method used to answer these questions was Photovoice - a participatory visual method for a critical questioning of social structures. It evolved from participatory research and should enhance communities to share their experiences and to work collaboratively on change. It also gives insights into how they conceptualise their circumstances and their hopes for the future. Photovoice also wants to bring about positive change into communities through providing them with photographic training.

Implementation Six people from sub-Saharan African countries were invited to five workshops, led by a professional photographer and the project leader. During the workshops, basic techniques of photography were taught and participants were asked to take pictures according to the research questions. Together with the group the taken pictures were discussed together, narratives to go with their photos were developed, and conducting outreach or other action was reviewed.

Outcome The product of the project is a booklet telling the storeys of the participants together with their taken pictures. The booklet will be shared with various organisations and politicians. The gotten information will be integrated in existing prevention projects among the sub-Saharan African communities in Vienna.

  • Participation
  • Photovoice
  • sub-Saharan African Migrants

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