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P4.098 HIV and Your Body - a Community Based Health Awareness Programme: Advantages of Multidimensional Communication Strategies on the Example of Austria
  1. B Leichsenring1,
  2. B Dannoritzer2,
  3. H Garcia3,
  4. G Picher4,
  5. W Stefanek5
  1. 1Aids Hilfe Wien, Vienna, Austria
  2. 2HIVmobil, Vienna, Austria
  3. 3Positiver Dialog, Vienna, Austria
  4. 4LMCVienna, Vienna, Austria
  5. 5PULSHIV, Vienna, Austria


Background Progression of chronic HIV-infection, management of comorbidities or coinfection with STIs is significantly influenced by individual dealing with health and lifestyle issues. PLHIV therefore have an increased need for information and support regarding personal health.

Methods „HIV and Your Body“ is an international informational programme promoting health awareness in PLHIV. Activists of community and topic related NGOs are annually trained during an international workshop about multiple topics (e.g. different organs, STIs, sexual health, conception or pregnancy). Local implementation is driven by various projects of the participants.

Since 2009 an Austrian Group is working within “HIV and Your Body” using simultaneously different communication strategies.

The presented work aims to evaluate the impact of the chosen multidimensional communication strategies on health awareness and behavioural changes in PLHIV in Vienna/Austria, providing recommendations for optimising such informational programmes in regard of true-to-life needs of PLHIV.

Results Until now the Austrian group provided intensive seminars, peer-to-peer support and individual counselling within „HIV and Your Body“. Simultaneously information was spread by information events and publications (e.g. brochures, magazine, newsletter and broadcast). The amount of reached persons was directly associated with individual or public setting, with a broad range up to 34.000 (detailed numbers will be presented).

Contact numbers achieved in Austria underline importance of the topics and present needs of PLHIV for information and support concerning individual health.

Previous feedback has been promising that the chosen combination of information channels enhances the aim of informational programmes.

An ongoing survey aims to evaluate the effect of combined communication approaches as well as further communication requirements. Evaluation data will be presented.

Conclusion Based on evaluation results future projects within “HIV and Your Body“ in Austria can be optimised.

General recommendations for communication strategies promoting individual health awareness and supporting healthy lifestyles of PLHIV will be discussed.

  • communication strategies
  • community based program
  • health awareness

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