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P4.104 Impact of Behavioral Change Communication Among MSM of Hyderabad, Pakistan
  1. M Osama
  1. Naz Male Health Alliance, Lahore, Pakistan


BCC result After the BCC in the city Hyderabad, Pakistan of almost 4000 MSM results shows, the average age of MSM was 26 years old, around 40% of them are uneducated and 60% had primary or secondary education, and 63% was unmarried. Anal intercourse, masturbating each other and blow job were the main sexual behaviours. The awareness rate of AIDS/STD-related knowledge was not more than 15%. The infection rate of HIV is 2% and STI is 43% respectively.

Suggestion The results suggest that HIV transmission control, effective education and behaviour intervention should be strengthened. A detailed BCC strategy should be plan based on the information from mapping of behaviours, practises and attitudes of MSMs, and their clients and partners.

Conclusion The BCC needs of the MSM community with regard to STD/HIV/AIDS intervention programme and suggest the communication needs of the population, especially the high vulnerability groups, which would aid in designing communication programmes that focus on the BCC component of the HIV/AIDS prevention strategy including planning, formative research, message development, material design, pre-testing, dissemination, implementation and monitoring.

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Minimizing stigma&discrimination
  • STI treatment

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