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P4.150 Elements of the ISEAN-Hivos Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit- Responding to the Challenge of Quality M&E Systems Implementation in a Regional HIV-Program Context
  1. A Lesmana
  1. Hivos, Jakarta, Indonesia


Introduction In 2010, to address the increased vulnerability of MSMs as well as Transgenders to HIV transmission especially in the context of South East Asia, ISEAN and Hivos, jointly submitted a regional proposal to the Global Fund Round 10. The programme’s goal is to reduce the vulnerability and risks of MSM and TG to HIV infection in the island countries of Southeast Asia. This grant was approved and has since then been called, the ISEAN Hivos Program. Part of the challenge of implementing a regional programme is being able to fulfil its monitoring and evaluation requirements. In the initial phase of the ISEAN-Hivos implementation, efforts were undertaken to manualize the Programs M&E Requirements leading to the development of an M&E Toolkit.

Methods This presentation provides a description of the ISEAN-Hivos Toolkit and shares the principles that it followed to come up with a tool that can be applied in implementing an HIV-prevention project, targeting MSMs and TGs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Timor Leste. The ISEAN-Hivos M&E Toolkit is comprised of the following:

  1. Approved M&E Plan and Performance Framework

  2. M&E Reporting Templates and Tools

  3. Unique Identifying Code Guidelines

  4. ISEAN Hivos Calendar for Reporting

Conclusion The experience of ISEAN-Hivos in fielding its M&E Toolkit provides empirical evidence of the value of manualization of programme management tools and guidelines in coordinating a cross-country regional HIV grant, which can provide learning for similar initiatives in various geographical contexts.

  • monitoring and evaluation
  • MSM and TG
  • toolkit

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