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P6.049 PHC Coordinators’ STI and HIV - AIDS Technical Assistance
  1. I K Dwi Harjanti,
  2. V Fardhdiani
  1. FHI 360, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia


PHC Coordinators’ STI and HIV – AIDS Technical Assistance

Background Technical teams (TA) from Indonesia FHI 360 visits to 25 health centres in four provinces in the Indonesian capital. In order to assure and improve the quality and quantity of STI and HIV-AIDS services to be Able to provide comprehensive and sustainable service. As the follow-up of previous series of events in STI and HIV-AIDS; such as HSS, QA/QI, clinical trainings on STI and HIV-AIDS. To get the baseline data for management condom.

Methods TA team consists of HIV-AIDS coordinator at Provincial Health Officer and District Health Officer, SUM 1, and some other partners such as WHO. TAs were done by direct observation, role play, staff interview, management interview, and document checking.

Results 22 out of 25 PHCs give STI & HCT service. 9% of the PHCs with STI&HCT service, had met the minimum criteria for Management Component. 64% of PHCs have written assignment with job description for the STI Team. 36% of PHCs have written STI and HIV service flow and SOP. 86% PHCs have the latest STI&HCT guidelines from MoH. Most of the PHCs already do Universal Precaution, but only 36% of PHCs have PEP treatment flow.

Conclusion Encourage STI, PITC and VCT implementation at the PHCs with trained staffs. Prepare new staff to replace staff who will retire or move. Use all the latest form for recording and reporting HCT activities, and fill the form completely. Distribute guidelines to the PHCs. Re-set the counselling room and prepare counselling kit. Help the PHCs in developing internal referral flow between services. Increase the capacity of counsellor for other skill. Encourage counsellor to do condom use demonstration during counselling session.

  • condom management
  • the quality and quantity
  • VCT

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