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P55 The use of web-based technology to measure patient experience in sexual health services
  1. Anna Hartley1,
  2. Rebecca Marcus1,
  3. Shema Tariq2,
  4. Johura Begum1,
  5. Janice Purkis1,
  6. Liat Sarner1
  1. 1Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
  2. 2University College London, London, UK


Introduction In comparison to other specialities, generating feedback from sexual health patients on clinic experience is challenging. Web-based technology can address many challenges associated with paper-based surveys, and is increasingly used to generate feedback in healthcare. A survey conducted in our service showed that four-fifths of our patients use smartphones; we therefore wanted to use technology to capture patient experience of our service.

Abstract P55 Table 1

Patient survey results

Aim To measure real-time patient experience of our sexual health service using an online questionnaire.

Methods Since May 2014, new patients attending one of our five services are sent a link to an online survey via free text message. The short survey captures demographic data and feedback, with facility to request call back to discuss any concerns.

Results Since May 2014, 2457 new patients (18%) have completed the survey (2457/13753).

Discussion We have demonstrated high levels of satisfaction with our service as a result of this online survey. Implementation challenges include varying response rates, administration time and cessation of free messaging. However, the generation of real-time feedback is valued by staff, commissioners and patients, and has resulted in several service improvements e.g. improved signage and new processes for triaging patients.

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