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O10 Msm report high use of club drugs which is associated with high risk sexual behaviour
  1. Thomas Kurka1,
  2. Suneeta Soni2,
  3. Daniel Richardson2
  1. 1Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton, UK
  2. 2Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, UK


Background/introduction The prevalence of club drug use in men who have sex with men (MSM) locally is unknown but likely associated with poor sexual health. Locally there is a large MSM population with high rates of HIV and STIs.

Aim(s)/objectives The aims of this study were to quantify club drug use in MSM locally, examine differences by HIV status and identify any association between club drug use and sexual behaviour.

Methods Patient survey of MSM attending three MSM-services (STI clinic, NGO, primary care centre) in the City. We asked MSM to report ever and recent (past month) drug use. Data were analysed using SPSS.

Results 246 MSM completed surveys from January–March 2014. The median age was 35 years (18–79). 12.7% were HIV-positive, 61.1% HIV-negative, 20.0% unsure and 5.7% never tested. The overall ever: recent club drug use was: 52.4%:21.5% cocaine, 49.4%:17.1% MDMA, 37.7%:19.3% mephedrone, 35.5%:10.5% ketamine, 24.2%:11.0% GHB/GBL, and 10.4%:2.8% crystal meth. HIV-positive MSM reported significantly higher crystal meth (Ever:37.0% v 6.9%: p < 0.05; Recent 13.6%:1.3%: p < 0.05) and GHB/GBL (Ever:48.1% v 21.2%: p < 0.05; Recent: 27.3%:8.9%: p < 0.05) use than HIV-negative/unknown. HIV-positive were significantly more likely to have injected (Slamming) club drugs ever than HIV-negative/unknown (Ever: 22.2% v 2.5%: p < 0.05). HIV-positive MSM using club drugs reported significantly higher rates of unprotected anal intercourse (in past 6-months) than HIV-negative/unknown (87.1% v 57.1%: p < 0.05).

Discussion/conclusion Club drugs use among MSM overall is worryingly high locally. In particular, HIV-positive MSM use more crystal meth and GHB/GBL, and these men are more likely to engage in unprotected anal intercourse. These data are sobering and serve as a reminder that STI and drug services should work together.

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