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P152 What kind of information do patients want to see in sexual health clinic waiting rooms?
  1. William Spice1,
  2. Rebecca Clamp1,
  3. Claire Palmer2
  1. 1Worcestershire Health and Care Trust, Worcester, UK
  2. 2University Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, UK


Background/introduction All sexual health clinics have noticeboards and leaflets in their waiting rooms carrying a range of information, but little is known about the kind of information patients find most useful. This survey was designed to gain insight into the type of information patients most prefer to see in order to enhance patient experience.

Aim(s)/objectives To conduct a patient survey of preferences for information provided in sexual health clinic waiting rooms.

Methods 133 consecutive patients attending the integrated clinic were asked to complete a simple questionnaire covering the following areas: (1) how much attention is given to the information available; (2) Which types of information are most useful; (3) Preference for pictures, written text or a combination; (4) Importance of information that can be taken away.

Results 53% looked at most of the information, 32% only read what looked interesting or relevant while 15% took little notice. Facts about STI’s were the most useful (64%), followed by prevention messages (51%), contact details of other organisations/services (49%), information about local/national campaigns (41%) and boards with specific themes (e.g. Valentine’s day, Fresher’s Week) (33%). 55% preferred a combination of pictures and text, 41% mainly text and 37% mainly pictures. 74% attached a high importance to information which could be taken away.

Discussion/conclusion 85% of patients paid significant attention to the information presented in the waiting room. Patients found factual information about STI’s to be most useful followed by prevention messages. There was a clear preference for messages that combined text with pictures.

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