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PL02.3 Syphilis elimination in china
  1. Yang Bin
  1. Dean of Guangdong Provincial Dermatology Hospital/Director of Guangdong Provincial Centers for Skin Diseases and STI Control, and Professor, Jinan University, Guangdong Medical College, and Anhui Medical University, China


This presentation is mainly about the history, present situation and challenges of syphilis prevention and control in China. With the trend of syphilis prevalence in Guangdong province and the challenges, we discuss the important role and the impact of the control of syphilis in Guangdong province to the whole country,  as well as a series of work of exploring the best practices for prevention and treatment of syphilis at the present stage, including improving syphilis surveillance system, diagnosis and treatment, developing the demonstration sites for syphilis control policies implementation, spurring innovation practices for expanding HIV/syphilis screen test among high risk groups.

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