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P14.22 To prevent hiv/aids through awareness raising and social behaviours change of sex worker in bangladesh - an experience from kandapara brothel, tangail, bangladesh
  1. Tapas Kumar Saha,
  2. Nari Mukti Sangha
  1. Sabalia (Panjapara), Tangail-1900, Bangladesh


Issues Nari mukti Sangha (NMS) is a Self Help Group (SHG). We can awareness build up of SWs by (i) One-to-One Session (ii) Group discussion (iii) Peer education training (iv) HIV Test by ICDDRB Bangladesh (v) STI Clinic and (vi) Support services.

Description NMS is a social service organisation, Government Registration no. TA-1333/2000. It is purely non-political and solely sex workers’ organisation. Its aim is to establish the social, legal and human rights in the society and also women empowerment. We are directly involved to reduce STD/HIV/AIDS through awareness development and other intensive support services like STD clinic inside and outside of the brothel. Now we are working in trafficking field in Bangladesh. Before working in the field we do base line survey and post survey.

Lesson learned After completion the work the result one is SWs can encourage to use condom for protecting HIV/AIDS to the client. Another one is to establish the social and human rights in the society.

Conclusion SWs will develop capacity which will carry out the important benefit to prevent the HIV/AIDS program of our organisation. Nari Mukti Sangha is a fully committed to work with HIV/AIDS.

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