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P14.23 Transgender sex workers response to hiv in papua new guinea
  1. Obert Samba
  1. Save the Children in Papua New Guinea


Introduction Save the Children SRH Poro Sapot Project is a national STI and HIV prevention project. The project represent the voice, health and interests of sex workers, MSM and Transgender people in Papua New Guinea at international and national levels so that they voice and health must be heard and their issues be considered.

Transgender women in Papua New Guinea, most of who were rejected by their own families are now on the streets doing sex work to survive. Sex work is illegal and most often they are faced with stigma and discrimination and violence. Over the years sex worker trannies have been infected and cannot access the health facilities because of our sexuality and therefore end up dying. The strong religious and cultural beliefs makes it hard for transgender sex workers to live a normal life.

Methods A group of transgender sex workers (100) have been interviewed one by one in a closed door from March 2014 December 2014 within Save the Children office. The interview questions asked were issues faced by them when doing sex work in Port Moresby City in Papua New Guinea and how Save the Children SRH Poro Sapot Project has impacted on their lives.


  • not receiving good sexual health services from the Governmental clinic’s

  • Most trans gender sex workers we are raped

  • not able to be served at the police stations when in need of help

  • being forced to have sex without condom because we are just a sex objects

Conclusion Through advocacy do by Save the Children they have realised who they are, they are aware of their human rights, health and legal issues, they are marginalise group that exist and more mobilised, they have been attending meetings international and national meetings to know the concept of being a Most At Risk Population and through Save the Children SRH Poro Sapot Project they have a voice to represent themselves and other transgender sex works in Papua New Guinea, some trans gender can get help that we need now because Save the Children is referring they to the right networking partners that are providing services that we need like VCCT/and STI checkups and other services that its free from stigma, discrimination and violence.

Disclosure of interest statement Save the Children Sexual and Reproductive Health Program is funded by DFAT or AusAid.

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