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P16.14 Geography of aids in the state of cearÁ, brazil
  1. NL Pedrosa1,
  2. HO Alexandre1,
  3. ICV Lima1,2,
  4. SS Paiva1,
  5. VF Santos1,2,
  6. MTG Galvão1,2
  1. 1Federal University of Ceará
  2. 2Federal University of Pernambuco


Introduction The geographical distribution of AIDS subsidises the understanding of the relationship of the disease with socioeconomic and cultural characteristics, enabling local planning of health interventions. Thus, the study aimed to determine the distribution of AIDS in Ceará, Brazil.

Methods It was an ecological and longitudinal study. It was analysed all individuals with aids, aged less than 13 years, residents in Ceará, Brazil, reported between 2001 and 2011 by the Information System Notification of the country. We carried out the distribution spatiotemporal cases where data were arranged in cartographic grid. From this, the main cases clusters were identified over the years. It was used ArcGis program.

Results The distribution of aids in the state during the study period allowed the identification of four significant clusters p (<0.05). The primary conglomerate (p < 0.01) was located in Fortaleza, the state capital, with 15,42 Km radius, covering surrounding municipalities, being an active cluster in each year. Three other side identified clusters (p = 0.049) were: Jijoca Jericoacoara; Groaíras, less than 1 km radius; municipalities of Limoeiro do Norte, Tabuleiro, Quixeré, São João do Jaguaribe and Russas, with radius of 36,8 km.

Conclusion The distribution of aids cases in Ceará does not occur randomly, but occurs in clusters over the years, suggesting studies to identify the determinants local features the largest number of cases.

Disclosure of interest statement This study was funded by CAPES (Higher Education Personnel Training Coordination) and CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). No pharmaceutical grants were received in the development of this study.

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