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P17.39 Monitoring of the scale-up of antiretroviral therapy programmes in sri lanka: experience from a resouece limitted and low prevalence setting
  1. Aka Manathunge
  1. National STD AIDS Control Program, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka


Introduction Currently Sri Lanka uses a paper based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the antiretroviral therapy (ART) program which was adapted and modified from the system introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO). These modifications have been adapted keeping in mind that significant disparities exist in different regions in the same country. This paper summarises the findings of the M&E system of the ART program in Sri Lanka where HIV epidemic is considered as low prevalent.

Methods Information sources of the current ART M&E system was reviewed. Data generated by the M&E system is analysed to evaluate the ART program of the country.

Results A cumulative total of 812 people living with HIV (PLHIV) were started on ART since the beginning of the ART program in 2004. Currently there are 647 PLHIV on ART. Of the patients who initiated ART, 75% of PLHIV are on first line ARVs and 5% are switched to second line ARV. The balance 20% comprised of loss-to-follow ups and deaths. The cohorts analysis of PLHIV on ART showed that after 12 months of ART initiation, 91% are Alive and on ART while 86% and 76% are Alive and on ART after 24 months and 60 months respectively.

Conclusion A paper based M&E system can give very useful M&E information in a resource poor and low HIV prevalence setting. However, a development of a suitable online M&E system would greatly improve the data collection process as ART provision is a lifelong monitoring process.

Disclosure of interest statement No grants were received in the development of this study.

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