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P01.01 Deadly sexy health; sexual health promotion in the victorian aboriginal community controlled health setting
  1. K Byron,
  2. T Onus-Williams,
  3. P Waples-Crowe,
  4. A Bamblett
  1. Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)


The rate of sexually transmissible infections in the Victorian Aboriginal population remain at higher rates than non-Aboriginal Victorians. Adding to this burden is the lack of a dedicated Aboriginal sexual health workforce. The Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO) developed the “Deadly Sexy Health Kit” as a capacity building resource for Aboriginal health workers and other Koori workers to deliver blood borne virus, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health education workshops in their local communities.

The Deadly Sexy Health Kit is contains resources that VACCHO and partner organisation have developed around sexuality, sexual health, respectful relationships and blood borne viruses. It comprises of a series of flexible tools to ensure that the workshops are engaging, interactive and on message, including lesson plans, DVDs, activities and discussion points that are culturally relevant.

The development of the kit was in response to Aboriginal Health workers calling for resources and skills in sexual health and blood borne viruses for community health days, youth camps, women’s and men’s health activities. The Deadly Sexy Health Kit development was an opportunity for Aboriginal workers to be the local faces of Sexual health activities.

The success of the Deadly Sexy Health Kit is specific training to maximise the tools in the kit. Five training sessions were held across Victoria for ACCHO workers that included an introduction to the purpose and effective use of the DVDs, activity cards and develop facilitation skills. Regional workers were trained together so they can support each other and target strong local referral and support pathways for community members.

Evaluation will occur six months after implementation. It is anticipated that this kit will move towards a locally based Sexual health education model that strengthens capacity of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and their Communities.

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