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O007 Digital health and remote digital consultations: views and experiences in sexual health clinic attendees
  1. Jake Bayley,
  2. Marie McNulty,
  3. Michael O’Hanlon,
  4. Jennifer Hong
  1. Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK


Background/introduction Digital health is becoming increasingly important in the NHS. Use of apps and remote digital consultations (RDC) may improve patient access and satisfaction, but more data on attitudes in sexual health clinic attendees are needed.

Aim(s)/objectives Assess the views of using digital health in sexual health clinic attendees.

Methods Patient-directed questionnaires were completed by patients attending a sexual health service. Demographic data were collected, along with acceptability and use of apps, websites and RDC.

Results 231 surveys were returned. 85% (175/206) of participants would be happy to use a website for sexual health; 39% (82/208) find using an app acceptable. Education to A-level or above significantly improved acceptability of using digital health for RDC (see Table 1). A previous STI versus no STI in the last 12 months significantly improved acceptability of using an app for sexual health (22/40 versus 58/165, p = 0.02) and consenting for a recording of their RDC in clinic notes (17/38 versus 44/164, p = 0.02).

Abstract O007 Table 1

Digital health

Discussion/conclusion Most participants find using a website acceptable, however the use of apps less so. RDC are acceptable for only one in two of all sexual health attendees, and less so for patients with lower educational attainment. Only four in ten would allow a recording of a digital consultation, with confidentiality stated as the main concern. Fewer responses were received from patients with a lower educational attainment, which may affect generalisability of these data. We should be mindful that a mixture of digital and traditional health is needed to accommodate all service users.

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