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P036 Audit of oral contraceptive prescribing in patients with cardiovascular risk factors
  1. Stephen Bradley1,2
  1. 1University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  2. 2Foundry Lane Surgery, Leeds, UK


Background/introduction Foundry Lane Surgery has a practice population of 6,564 serving a young population with the high levels of deprivation, smoking and obesity.

Aim(s)/objectives To determine if any patients fulfilling UKMEC 3 or 4 due cardiovascular risk factors or a combination of two or more cardiovascular risk factors were prescribed COCP during the 6 month period 11th July 2015 to 11st January 2016.

Methods Reports were run on practice software SystemOne producing lists of patients who were prescribed COCP in the study period and also fulfilled UKMEC 3 or 4 criteria based on cardiovascular risk factors.

Results 201 patients were prescribed COCP in the study period under analysis. 3 individual patients (1.49%) were identified who were prescribed COCP in this period despite fulfilling criteria for UKMEC 3 or 4. One patients who received COCP for reasons other than contraception was excluded along with one patient for whom POP was deemed unsuitable due to porphyria. Three patients were identified who received COCP in spite of UKMEC 3 or 4. Two fulfilled UK MEC 3, one due to BMI > 35, one due to a combination of smoking and age > 35. One patient fulfilled UKMEC4 (BMI > 35 & smoker).

Discussion/conclusion Three patients (1.49%) were prescribed COCP in spite of fulfilling UKMEC 3 or 4. In two out of three of these patients a combination of risk factors was responsible. Practice IT systems could be optimised to alert prescribers of contraindications such as BMI, hypertension and smoking.

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