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P049 Audit: rates of sexual history taking and screening in HIV positive men who have sex with men (MSM)
  1. Alasdair Macrae1,
  2. Emily Lord2,
  3. Annabel Forsythe2,
  4. Jackie Sherrard2
  1. 1Oxford University Medical School, Oxford, UK
  2. 2Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford, UK


Background/introduction Increased rates of STIs in MSM may in part be due to the emergence of ‘chemsex’; use of recreational drugs in the context of high-risk sex. BASHH has set a target of 97% of MSM attending for a new episode being offered a screen (80% acceptance). BASHH/BHIVA guidance recommends HIV-positive patients have 6 monthly sexual histories and annual STI screens.

Aim(s)/objectives To evaluate whether HIV positive MSM patients were asked about recreational drug use, including chemsex and assessed and screened for STIs during consultations.

Methods The notes of 142 HIV positive men seen in 2015 were available, of whom 85 were MSM. Information was collected regarding sexual history, recreational drug use documentation, STI screen offer and test results.

Results 77 (91%) of the MSM had a sexual history documented, of whom 60 (78%) were sexually active. STI screens were offered to 58/60 (97%) of those who were sexually active and accepted by 53 (91%) 10 (19%) of these had an STI. A recreational drug history was taken in 63 (74%) with 17 (27%) admitting to use and 3 (5%) to chemsex (Table 1).

Abstract P049 Table 1


Discussion/conclusion Sexual history documentation was below recommended levels. 19% men tested had an STI highlighting that frequent screening in this group is essential. A quarter of patients admitted to recreational drug use, although how many were explicitly asked about chemsex is unclear. Given the increasing concern around this practice, questions about chemsex should be incorporated into the sexual history proforma.

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