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P108 Can integrated sexual health services function effectively without a health advisor?
  1. Jennifer McCay
  1. Bridgewater NHS Trust, Trafford, Uganda


Background/introduction Four services merged to create one integrated sexual health service. The service is operating without a health advisor. Basic health advising duties are carried out by nursing staff.

Aim(s)/objectives Assess the effectiveness of current practice in relation to adherence to BASHH PN standards and consider changing practice and/or service provision if adherence is found to be poor.

Methods The inclusion criteria is any patients attending the service 01/08/2015–30/09/2015 who had a C4 diagnosis. The notes were reviewed retrospectively and the level of PN was checked against BASHH standards.

Results 90 patients were in the sample. 96% of patients had PN discussed at the time of treatment. 57% had PN agreed for each contact and PN outcomes documented, 0.66 contacts per index patient were reported as attended, 0.3 contacts per index patient were verified at attended, 79% of patients had a follow-up compliance check.

Discussion/conclusion Adherence to BASHH PN standards was better than expected. Measures were taken to improve adherence including prompts on the new EPR system to initiate and review PN. The recalls policy was updated and a compliance check proforma was introduced. The audit demonstrated the need for a health advisor within an integrated sexual health service. Recruitment of a new health advisor for the service has commenced.

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