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P127 HIV testing: are the targets off target?
  1. Sophie Russell,
  2. Stuart Vernon,
  3. Amy Carson,
  4. Danielle Harris,
  5. Helen Wheeler
  1. University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, Bristol, UK


Background/introduction The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) standards provide clear targets for HIV testing in genitourinary medicine (GUM). BASHH state that 97% of people with ‘needs relating to STIs’ are offered an HIV test at first attendance; and that 80% are recorded to have an HIV test. Public Health England place testing figures for our fully integrated sexual and reproductive health service consistently below recommended standards.

Aim(s)/objectives To establish true HIV testing rates within an urban sexual health clinic, and to explore factors contributing to our performance.

Methods Electronic patient records from all attendances to GUM or contraception and sexual health clinics between 02/03/2015 and 06/03/2015 were analysed to establish rates and patterns of HIV testing.

Results 282 patients were included in analysis; 253 (89.7%) were offered an HIV test, and 176 (62.3%) had a test. 77 patients refused an HIV test; the most common documented reason was self/clinician perceived low risk (22). Within the ‘high risk’ cohort (52) only four refused and the reason was clearly noted. If patients attending primarily for contraceptive care were excluded from analysis, 225 patients remained; of these 211 (93.7%) were offered an HIV test and 164 (72.9%) had a test.

Discussion/conclusion We suggest that our lower testing rates, in part, reflect the inclusion of patients attending primarily for contraceptive care. In all sexual health/contraceptive clinics it remains important to risk assess patients, and offer HIV testing where appropriate, but our analysis begs the question: should the targets be amended for fully integrated services?

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