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P133 Inter-speciality working to provide competencies in genital dermatology for GUM trainees
  1. Helen Colver,
  2. Karen Harman
  1. Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK


Background The Health and Social Care Act (2012) led to decommissioning of genital dermatology services in our sexual health clinic, creating a training deficiency in this aspect of the GUM curriculum.

Objective To develop a service for patients with vulval pathology whilst also providing competencies in genital dermatology for GUM trainees.

Methods Training concerns were discussed with the local Health Education England board. A dermatology consultant with considerable experience in vulval disorders agreed to supervise a weekly vulval clinic, held within the dermatology department, to which GUM trainees would be seconded. Women were seen by a GUM trainee under the supervision of the dermatology consultant. Details of patient outcomes were prospectively recorded.

Results Over 10 months 84 women were seen in a total of 165 visits. The patients had a median age of 57 (range 19–94) years. 34 (40.5%) were follow-up dermatology patients. Of the 50 remaining patients, 10 (20%) were referred from other dermatology consultants, 3 (6%) from gynaecology, 8 (16%) from genitourinary medicine, and 29 (58%) from general practice. Diagnoses are tabulated below.

Abstract P133 Table 1

Genital dermatology

Discussion Inter-speciality working has allowed GUM trainees to develop expertise in genital dermatology whilst the presence of a GUM doctor facilitates exploration of psychosexual issues in these patients. We recommend that other centres consider this model for training and service provision.

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