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P143 An audit of the Management of Chlamydia Trachomatis
  1. Nadia Ahmed1,
  2. Hana Hassan2,
  3. Joyce Amedee2,
  4. Rita Browne2
  1. 1Mortimer Market centre, London, UK
  2. 2Whittington Health, London, UK


Background/introduction Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) is the most commonly reported bacterial STI in the UK.

Aim(s)/objectives We aimed to evaluate our overall management of CT.

Methods All patients with a positive CT NAATs result over a 2month period (August–September 2014) were identified from our electronic patient records; clinical data was collated and analysed using an Excel spreadsheet

Results 180 patients were identified; 54% female, 72.6% aged <25 years, 41.6% of Black Afro-Caribbean/UK ethnicity. 96.6% were heterosexual. 97 infections were from LVS and 1 urine (females); males 82 urine and 2 rectal swabs. Both rectal swabs were negative for LGV. 39% (70/180) were symptomatic; 19 males and 24 females had microscopy performed. 25.5% (46/180) had co-infections. 69% (125/180) had an HIV test; all negative. All contactable patients (174/180) were treated for CT and any co-infections. Three patients were treated elsewhere, and three were uncontactable. The median time from result to treatment was 2 (IQ (0–6) weeks. 36% (65/180) attended for a test of cure. One patient tested positive for CT due to re-infection. 8 patients had HIV tests repeated at their follow up attendance, all negative.

Discussion/conclusion Our centre meets the BASHH 2015 standards. Areas for improvement are HIV testing and performing microscopy in all symptomatic men to enable earlier treatment. We now offer repeat testing at three months only to patients aged <25 years and all MSM via a recall text reminder. This will enable better use of clinic resources through targeting higher risk patients and detecting re-infections as well as treatment failure.

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