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P182 HIV Film Club: An innovative method for HIV medical education is acceptable and effective
  1. Sarah Cavilla1,
  2. Duncan Churchill1,
  3. Daniel Richardson1,2
  1. 1Brighton & Sussex University NHS Trust
  2. 2Brighton & Sussex Medical School


Background/introduction Training and continuing professional development in HIV medicine requires knowledge of the history of HIV. Locally we have instigated an HIV film club. There is no literature on the impact of HIV medical education using film. To date, we have had 2 educational events using “How to Survive a Plague” [Producer: D.France, 2013] and “We were Here”, [Producers: D. Weissman & B.Weberdate, 2011].

Methods An anonymous electronic survey was sent to 13 participants exploring what they had learnt, influence on practice and their opinion on the importance of the history for trainees.

Results 10/13 completed the survey. 10/10 (100%) had learnt something new: appreciating HIV stigma in greater depth, recognition of the role of HIV negative MSM support and the importance in mechanisms for licensing new HIV drugs. 4/10 (40%) reported a change in practice such as a greater awareness of the psychological impact on long term survivors. 3/10 (30%) said that the films had underpinned and increased their understanding of the importance of Pre- exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Direct Acting Antivirals provision in hepatitis C for patients currently. 10/10 (100%) felt it was important to have an comprehension of the history and stigma of HIV. Additional film recommendations included: “And the Band Played On” [Spelling, 1994], “Philadelphia” [J.Demme, 1993] and “Angels in America” [C.Costas, 2003].

Discussion/conclusion Innovation and progress in HIV medical education requires exploring new models of teaching: using the medium of film is ideal for HIV medicine where the field has transformed beyond recognition. Film nights were useful and interesting.

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