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P218 A full sTOP : Providing a fully integrated sexual health service for women attending termination services
  1. Joanne Hearne,
  2. Jonathan Roberts,
  3. Amanda Davies,
  4. Jean Beard,
  5. Joanna Eley,
  6. Andrea Gibbon
  1. Abertawe Bro Morgannwg, Swansea, UK


Background/introduction Traditionally Pregnancy Advice Services (PAS) stood apart from Family Planning and Genito-Urinary Medicine services. Since 2011 Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board deliver an Integrated Sexual Health service.

Aim(s)/objectives To demonstrate the benefits of integrated an service

Methods A case note review of all women attending PAS from 1st to 29th February 2016.

Results 145 case notes of women accessing PAS were reviewed; median age was 25 years (16–43). 137/145 (94%) had a termination procedure, 1 found not be pregnant, 1 miscarried, 3 transferred to BPAS as >18 weeks pregnant, 3 decided to continue pregnancy. At time of initial consultation, 89/145 (61%) had no form of contraception, 30/145 (21%) used condoms only, 20/145 (14%) were using the Combined Oral Contraception (COC) and 6/145 (4%) the Progesterone Only Pill (POP). At the time of discharge, 77/139 (55%) started a new method of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC). 16/139 (11.5%) were prescribed COC, 25/139 (18%) POP and 1/139 (0.5%), contraceptive patch. 5/139 (4%) declined contraception, 15/139 (11%) wanted to access their GP for future contraception. 144/145 (99%) were offered Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) screening, 133/144 (92%) accepted dual Nucleic Amplification Assay Tests (NAATs), 7/133 (5%) had chlamydia, 1/133 (0.8%) had gonorrhoea. All 74/144 (51%) tested negative for syphilis and HIV.

Discussion/conclusion This holistic model of care provides women a more immediate opportunity to address their future contraceptive and sexual health needs, with a 55% increase in uptake of LARC and >5% identification of untreated STIs.

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