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P3.178 Syphilis in pregnant women and elimination of congenital syphilis in belarus
  1. Pankratov Oleg
  1. Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk – Republic of Belarus


Introduction In Belarus the spread of syphilis (S) has been on the increase since 1988, and the incidence reached its peak in 1996 with 209.7 cases per 100 000 inhabitants. During the following years the incidence has reduced with 7.2 cases in 2015. In the years 1996–2012 all together 5147 pregnant women infected with S were registered in Belarus (8.49% from the general number of the women with S for this period – 60 604 cases). The aim of the present study is to report on pregnant women infected with C and on elimination of congenital syphilis (CS) in Belarus.

Methods The study was retrospective. The data were obtained from the patients’ files from the Dermatovenereological Dispensary in the city of Minsk, the state capital of Belarus, and regional Dermatovenereological Dispensaries of Belarus.

Results Primary S was diagnosed in 13.1% of pregnant women with S, secondary S – 30.2%, latent early S – 55.8%, latent late S – 0.9%. Disease has been revealed in I trimester of pregnancy in 57.1% of patients, II trimester – 23.1%, III trimester – 17.2%, after delivery – 2.6%. 43.7% of women have made abortion after disease revealing. Among women giving birth to children with CS primary S was not diagnosed, secondary S – 26.7%, latent early S – 71.4%, seroresistant S – 1.9%. Reinfection was registered in 8.5% of patients. There are 127 children with CS registered in 1994–2015 in Belarus in total. Early CS with symptoms has been revealed in 24 (18.9%), early latent CS – in 103 (81.1%) of children. Cases of late CS have not been registered. 2 cases of CS have been registered in 1994, 1995–12, 1996–13, 1997–14, 1998–23, 1999–18, 2000–6, 2001–8, 2002–7, 2003–8, 2004–5, 2005–1, 2006–4, 2007–1, 2008–2, 2009–1, 2010–2 cases. Last five years cases of CS have not been registered in Belarus.

Conclusion Belarus has adequate system of control of S in pregnant women. In 2016 WHO certified the validation of elimination of CS as a public health problem in Belarus.

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