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P4.96 stigmatised behavioural aspects towards msm directing pervasive nature of alcohol use in andhra pradesh, india
  1. Santosh Kumar Sharma
  1. International Institute For Population Sciences, Mumbai, India


Introduction Men who have sex with men (MSM) in India are a core risk group for HIV. Heavy alcohol consumption is associated with increased sexual risk-taking behaviours in many cultures, in particular among MSM. This study illustrates the prevalence and correlates of Alcohol use among MSM by their sociodemographic, sexual risk and other characteristics in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Methods Data from a Behavioural Tracking Survey 2014 conducted with key populations MSM in undivided Andhra Pradesh state in India was used. The survey was conducted in the three districts (Warangal, Karim Nagar, and Nalgonda). A stratified random sampling method used to select the MSM for the survey. The total 1200 MSM were selected for the study. Descriptive statistics (proportions) and bivariate analysis were used to describe the strength and association of MSM’ socio-demographic/behavioural characteristics and the dependent variable. For the bivariate analysis, the p-value was calculated by using the chi-square test. Binary logistics regression was used to determine the factor associated with ever consumption of alcohol among MSM.

Results In Andhra Pradesh, of the 1200 MSM who were interviewed, around 69% of MSM had ever used alcohol. Approximately 31 percent MSM reported that they had experienced discrimination at public places and 11.2 percent of said that they are mentally depressed. There is the significant association between ever used of alcohol and sociodemographic, sexual risk and other characteristic (p<0.05). Multivariate logistics regression demonstrated that currently married (AOR=1.6 p<0.05), Panthi MSM (AOR1.7 p<0.05), wanted to experiment (AOR=2.0 p<0.01), was attracted towards MSM (AOR=2.9 p<0.01), consistent condom use (AOR=1.7 p<0.05). High discrimination in Public places (AOR=1.4 p<0.05). It is also reported that MSM who were in any depression, 2.1 times more likely to be affected by alcohol consumption.

Conclusions HIV-related prevention Programme among MSM in India should also focus on alcohol use and related problems in multilevel context.

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