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P5.05 Non-traditional strategies to approach topics related to sexually transmitted disease
  1. Ana Maria Viana Pinto,
  2. Robson dos Santos Souza Marinho,
  3. Maria Clara Rodrigues Vieira
  1. Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Introduction The traditional teaching strategies follow steps of activities and demonstrations generally directed by the teacher. This procedure may not provide students with valuable skills or even with knowledge that lasts much beyond the end of the term. To enhance the quality of teaching and learning complex problems in the classroom we use non-traditional strategies to approach topics related to sexually transmitted disease important to the health of groups, communities and general populations. Based in this proposition, professors of the health area need to search new strategies in order to adjust the professional education of the graduates to the health system in order to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare to the population. The purpose of this work was to elaborate hornbook and a board game with specific guiding principles, rules to discuss about the theme sexually transmitted diseases by undergraduate students. Materials and Methods.

Development of didactic materials: the first step was to make literature review about the theme following of the elaboration of hornbook, questions and answers for better understanding and comprehension of the subject. The hornbook and the board game emphasised principles of health education, the conceptual definition, conceptual context of the problem, etiologic agents, method of transmission, mechanisms of prevention, control and therapies.

Dynamic with hornbook For the application of the hornbook people or students were sitting on a circle to discuss about the theme before the board game application.

Dynamic of board game: The classes were divided into groups of five students and received a board, dice, game playing pieces, cards specific with questions and answers, curiosity cards, and instructions.

Results and conclusion games and hornbook therefore, seemed to be valuable tools, not only for students learning, but also for teachers, groups, communities, homeless and general populations. Board games and hornbook can promoting pleasure and could be used to mobilise the desire to know, essential to the learning process at any age application.

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