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P2.27 High satisfaction with and loyalty to among first-time users of an online sti testing service in british columbia, canada
  1. Mark Gilbert1,
  2. Kimberly Thomson1,
  3. Travis Salway1,
  4. Devon Haag1,
  5. Troy Grennan1,
  6. Chris Buchner2,
  7. Mark Tyndall1,
  8. Mel Krajden1,
  9. Gina Ogilvie1,
  10. Jean Shoveller3
  1. 1British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, Canada
  2. 2Fraser Health Authority, Vancouver, Canada
  3. 3University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Introduction Positive user experiences are key to trust and repeated use of online services (known as e-Loyalty). GetCheckedOnline (GCO) is an online testing service for HIV/STI where clients complete a risk assessment, print lab forms, submit specimens at a lab, and retrieve results online (if negative) or by phone. We surveyed GCO clients on their perceptions of using the service.

Methods We invited first-time GCO users (who consented to be contacted for research) to complete an anonymous online survey 2 weeks following reporting of test results. Survey questions were analysed descriptively and included demographics, reason for test, and how participants heard about GCO. Satisfaction, convenience, ease of use, and e-Loyalty (intention to use again, recommend to others) were measured using 5-point Likert scales and collapsed (low to neutral vs high responses).

Results Between July 2015-Sept 2016, 23% of 1099 first-time GCO users consented to be contacted for research and 136/208 (65%) of users contacted agreed to participate in the survey. Participants had a median age of 33 years, 80% were white, 67% male, 43% straight, and 43% men who have sex with men. The most common testing reasons were: routine test (64%), risk event/exposure (44%) and new relationship (22%). Participants heard about GCO from clinics/health providers (38%), campaigns (26%), social media (18%), and friends or partners (13%). Almost all participants were satisfied with GCO overall (93%) and with their experience of receiving results (96%), 92% agreed GCO was convenient, 87% found GCO easy to use, and 83% rated the experience of submitting specimens as good or excellent. E-Loyalty was also high: 97% intended to use GCO again and 96% would recommend GCO to others.

Conclusion We found very high satisfaction with and loyalty to GCO among first-time users, indicating a successful service model from a client perspective. In addition to uptake and test outcomes, user experience is a key outcome for evaluation of online HIV/STI testing services.

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