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Introducing opt-out HIV testing in an acute medical admissions unit: does it improve testing uptake in those with lobar pneumonia?
  1. E Wallis,
  2. J Thornhill,
  3. J Saunders,
  4. C Orkin
  1. Department of Infection and Immunity, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Chloe Orkin, Department of Infection & Immunity, Barts Health NHS Trust, London E1 1BB, UK; chole.orkin{at}

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Current UK National Guidelines for HIV Testing recommend universal HIV testing for all medical admissions where the local diagnosed HIV prevalence exceeds 2 per 1000 population and that those with indicator diseases should always be offered testing in any setting.1 The Royal London Hospital serves a population with a high local HIV prevalence of 6.2/1000,2 four times that of the national prevalence and, therefore, a highly relevant setting for universal HIV testing in the medical admissions unit (MAU). Bacterial pneumonia is a very common clinical indicator condition for HIV, so we used an International Classification of Diseases-10 diagnosis of ‘lobar …

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