Table 1

Nomenclature for bacteria and general principles for formatting

GenusItalicised, uppercase first letterNeisseria
SpeciesItalicised, lowercasegonorrhoeae
ConditionNot italicised, lowercase except when used at start of a sentenceGonorrhoea (UK), gonorrhea (US)
Abbreviation of genusMay be used when several species from the same genus are being named or the same species is mentioned repeatedly. Write the genus in full the first time, then abbreviate with a full stop after the initial“The sample contained Neisseria gonorrhoeae, N. meningitidis and N. lactamica
Unknown speciesIf the precise species is not known, use sp.
If there is more than one species, use spp.
“The condition was caused by a Neisseria sp.”
“They identified several Neisseria spp. in the sample”