BASHH: Centenary of the Venereal Disease Act 1917

BASHH organised a high-profile event to commemorate the centenary of the VD Act 1917, marking 100 years of high quality sexual health services across the UK.

To mark this milestone, Editor-in-Chief Dr Jackie Cassell commissioned a special centenary collection of short historical vignettes:

STI has also released some free audio podcasts on the changes to sexual health services in the UK since the introduction of the Act:

How we treat STIs: Centenary of The Venereal Disease Act
Dr George Kinghorn, a genitourinary medicine physician with 35 years’ experience, talks to Dr Maryam Shahmanesh about the dramatic changes in the treatment of STIs following the Venereal Disease Act, the rise in STI incidence over his professional career, and the challenges facing the provision of specialised sexual health services in the UK in the future.