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Sectinomycin in the treatment of gonorrhoea in females and males.
  1. A H Finger


    126 female patients with proven gonococcal infection were treated with 4 g. spectinomycin bihydrochloride given intramuscularly in a single does. In 120 cases followed up there were four possible treatment failures, giving a cure rate of 97-6 per cent. 99 male patients with acute gonococcal urethritis were treated with a single dose of 2, g. sectinomycin bihydrochloride. Of 88 cases followed up, there were three possible treatment failures, giving a cure rate of 96-6 per cent. Spectinomycin is an important addition to gonorrhoea therapy but should be reserved for penicillin sensitive patients and penicillin insensitive infections.

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