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Antenatal screening for candidiasis, trichomoniasis, and gonorrhoea.
  1. R A Sparks,
  2. G L Williams,
  3. J M Boyce,
  4. T C Fitzgerald,
  5. G Shelley


    Gonorrhoea was not found to be a problem in antenatal patients. It was found in only one out of 625 women, thus confirming other British surveys which do not agree with the North American figures. Candidiasis is commoner than trichomoniasis (27.4 and 4.7 per cent. prevalence respectively) and culture of a high vaginal swab is more effective as a means of diagnosis than a cervical cytology smear. The two conditions seldom occur together. The detection rate for Candida increases with gestation, but not with age, parity, or premarital and extramarital conception. The species isolated was predominantly Candida albicans. Trichomonads are detected in culture of a high vaginal swab more often than in a cervical cytology smear. Detection does not increase with age, parity, or gestation, but does increase with premarital and extramarital conception. It is difficult to diagnose clinically the cause of vaginal discharge in a pregnant woman.

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