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Single-dose treatment of gonorrhoea with cotrimoxazole. A report on 1,223 cases.
  1. G Rahim


    1,223 ambulant patients with gonorrhoea were each treated with a single dose of eight tablets of cotrimoxazole. 1,069 patients were followed up (794 males and 275 females). Of these, only 46 (4%) failed to respond. Cotrimoxazole in the dosage used was well tolerated by all the patients, with very few side-effects. There was clear evidence that cotrimoxazole did not mask concomitant syphilitic infections; neither did it produce a gonococcal carrier state. The incidence of post-gonococcal non-specific urethritis was 6 per cent. At present cotrimoxazole seems to be the most useful alternative to penicillin in the treatment of gonorrhoea.

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