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Treatment of trichomoniasis in the female. A comparison of metronidazole and nimorazole.
  1. R B Roy,
  2. S M Laird,
  3. L Heasman


    The effectiveness of metronidazole (Flagyl) and nimorazole (Naxogin) has been compared by using these drugs in the recommended dosage in alternate patients in a series of 218 consecutive cases of vaginal trichomoniasis. Follow-up tests in 100 patients treated with metronidazole and 97 treated with nimorazole indicated cure-rates of 95 and 82 per cent. respectively. Male consorts were examined and given treatment on epidemiological grounds in about 70 per cent. of both treatment groups. Both drugs were free from significant side-effects. The causes of treatment failure in trichomoniasis are discussed and the desirability of relating dosage to the patient's body-weight is suggested. This factor may be especially important in deciding the dosage given on epidemiological grounds to the male consorts. It may also be an important advantage in the current trend of treating trichomoniasis in both sexes with larger doses over a much shorter time.

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