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Antitrichomonal antibody in the vaginal secretions of women infected with T. vaginalis.
  1. J P Ackers,
  2. W H Lumsden,
  3. R D Catterall,
  4. R Coyle


    Vaginal secretions from 508 women were examined for evidence of infection by Trichomonas vaginalis, and for antibodies directed against this organism; 42 women (8-3 per cent.) were found to be infected. Secretions from 29 of these women were assayed and antibody apparently directed against T. vaginalis was found in 22 (76 per cent.) of them. Eight out of nineteen secretions (42 per cent.) from apparently uninfected women also contained antibody. Amongst the infected women, no correlation could be found between the presence or absence of antibody and the degree of inflammation, duration of symptoms, use of oral contraceptives, or additional sexually-transmitted disease; there was, however, a slight suggestion that low parasite counts in the vaginal secretions were associated with the presence of antitrichomonal antibody.

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