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Incidence of Herpesvirus hominis antibodies among blood donor populations.
  1. A P Roome,
  2. D Montefiore,
  3. D Waller


    The microneutralization test was used to determine the occurrence of antibodies to Herpesvirus hominis Type 1 and Type 2 in sera from patients attending the Special Clinic, Bristol Royal Infirmary, with proven herpes genitalis, and in sera taken from blood donors in Bath, Dursley, and Bristol, as well as from donors in three different prison populations. The findings in patients with herpes genitalis indicate that the test accurately reflects the antibody response expected in relation to the type of herpes virus isolated from the lesions. The incidence of Type 2 antibodies among the blood donors ranged from 5 per cent. for donors from the Bath area up to 60 per cent. among donors from Dartmoor prison. The findings suggested that Type 2 herpes infection could spread among longterm prison populations, and it is postulated that this may be due to both homosexual contact, and also by non-sexual contact, either directly or via fomites.

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