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Cultivation of type 1 N. Gonorrhoeae in liquid media.
  1. K Chan,
  2. G M Wiseman,
  3. J D Caird


    The effect of CO2 concentration on the growth and colonial stability of Type 1 Neisseria gonorrhoeae has been investigated. Carbon dioxide at a concentration of 16 per cent in air above flasks incubated in a shaker was effective in supporting growth and 100 per cent colonial stability of Types 1, 1', 2, and 4. Lower CO2 tensions increased the generation time of the strains and were less effective in maintaining the stability of virulent variants. Of several liquid media tested, Enriched Single Phase medium, which consists of Difco GC medium base (devoid of agar and starch) to which Lankford supplement and "Isovitalex" have been added, was the most suitable for use with small inocula.

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