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Gonococcal ribosomes as skin test antigens. II. Precision Of the Method, Attempts To Identify The Ribosomal Antigen, and Correlation with The Macrophage Migration Inhibition test.
  1. R C Judd,
  2. W L Koostra


    Gonococcal crude ribosome preparation was found to be specific and sensitive when used to elicit delayed hypersensitivity reactions in sensitized guinea-pigs. Gonococcal crude ribosomes possess the ability to react with humoral antibody in sensitized animals; thus, ribosomes may be of value as an antigen in a sero-diagnostic test for gonorrhoea. Ribosomal protein or RNA, or gonococcal cell components including protoplasm, cell walls, and pilin, were less reactive than intact ribosomes. The ribosome preparation was used in an in vitro correlate of delayed hypersensitivity, suggesting that the human immune response in gonorrhoea might be studied using the crude ribosome in in vitro experiments with human peripheral lymphocytes.

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