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The role of the urban community hospital in gonorrhoea surveillance.
  1. R C Rendtorff,
  2. J W Curran,
  3. R W Chandler,
  4. S Glassco,
  5. L Wiser


    In a progressive surveillance programme designed to detect gonococcal infection in females, 113,063 women were screened for gonorrhoea in Memphis-Shelby County, Tennessee, during a 2-year period. The importance of including the urban community hospital in the surveillance programme is emphasized by the contribution of the City of Memphis Hospital where 53-3 per cent. of all positive cases of gonorrhoea were detected in only 34-2 per cent. of all tests done. The City of Memphis Hospital emergency room was an especially productive surveillance area, giving 29-0 per cent. of all positives with only 6-1 per cent. of all tests performed. The importance of taking routine cultures for gonococci from women presenting for prenatal care, delivery, or for genitourinary complaints in an urban hospital is stressed.

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