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Venereal disease among immigrant workers in Vienna.
  1. M Littomericzky,
  2. A Luger


    Official physical examinations of migrant workers upon immigration are required before work permits are issued. The screening of 74,983 applicants during 1972 to 1974 revealed sera reactive to serological tests for syphilis in 0-8 per cent. (range 0-5 to 1-1 per cent.) of all persons concerned and fifteen cases of early syphilis. The incidence of recent infections among immigrants is lower than that reported among the inhabitants of Vienna. General statistics on the spread of venereal diseases among immigrant workers are not available after they start work. Some evidence is provided by those who had to be traced for compulsory examination because they had defaulted from treatment or follow-up, because they were suspected of clandestine prostitution, or because they were reported to be sources of infection. 257 (60-6 per cent.) of 414 individuals who were wanted for reasons of syphilis control could be located and eighteen (7 per cent.) of those who were examined had early infectious lesions.

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